In His Presence Christ Tabernacle is an apostolic and evangelical church, founded strictly on the principles and doctrines of Jesus Christ. We are a church that stand firmly on the faith of the Apostles of old and their believe, we preach the undiluted word of God without compromise and uphold the Christian values as preached by our redeemer, Jesus Christ the saviour of the world.

At In His Presence, we found that the solution to all of life’s problems here below is Christ, and the abundance of his blessings can only be obtained while tarrying in His Presence. Experiences of life have taught us that to fulfil God’s purpose for our lives, we have to dwell in His presence and maintain our connection with him. We firmly believe that for our lives to continually be fruitful and fully accomplished, the presence of God is what we need in our lives and around us.



Rev. James Ademuyiwa is the Senior Pastor of In His Presence Christ Tabernacle Church with branches in United Kingdom and Nigeria. He is a worshiper and founder of In His Presence Praise Ministry, an educationist, a business man, a visionary, dependable, ideological, loving, caring and preacher of good tidings.

He is the author and writer of ‘’Dose of Heaven Daily Devotional’’ a daily devotional message that he sends out to over 2000 readers daily. He is totally committed to the work of God and SOLD out for Christ.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, he is the 2nd of 5 children, raised in a Christian home, his father is a Reverend who was a pastor for many years, his late mother was a devout and faithful head of intercessory prayer group. He had his primary and secondary education in Nigeria. In 1987, he traveled to United kingdom to further his education where he did his graduate and post graduate studies. He also trained as a professional real estate agent, he is a ‘Fellow’ with United Kingdom National Association for Estate Agents. He is married to Pastor Sarah Ademuyiwa and a father of 5.