Memorize : Jesus said unto her, said I not unto thee, that if thou wouldest believe thou shouldest see the glory of God. John 11:40

Devotional Reading: Exodus 33:1-23

The glory of God is the Presence of God, it is very special and unique, many people desire it but not everyone experience it. Moses said in the book of Exodus, “show me your glory”

God is the only one who has the final say over your life; his glory carry the greatest weigh and most glorious blessings, if you acknowledge and give him space in your life, He will never permit any unpleasant occurrence to have final say in your life, He will not allow your life to be at the mercy of people. He decides what happens to you at every given point in time because He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. If anybody ever tells you it’s over, I congratulate you today because, man does not have the final say over your life, God has the final say and He is about to turn things around for you for the better, he is about to elevate you into a new level that will amaze the world, so, it is not over for you.

Lazarus’ case in John 11:39-44 was hopeless, Matha had alreay given up on him. According to her, Jesus’ coming was unnecessary because she thought in her mind that the situation had gone past what he could do anything about. She consoled herself with the fact that on the day of resurrection, she would see her brother again, but she did not recognise that the resurrection is not a period, but a person. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. This is why you cannot afford to continue in sin. If you want to activvate the glory of God in your life, you have to know Him.

To activate the glory of God, you must have faith in His word. Faith is an act that produces evidence of His glory. Faith is what gives meaning to your calling as a child of God. Don’t allow any physical or spiritual enemy to intimidate you, they don’t have the ultimate power, Jesus has the ultimate power. You need faith to do exploits. You need faith to win all the battles of life! In the atmosphere of faith, nothing is impossible for you. God dwells in the realm of the supernatural and anyone who will be able to access His glory must operate beyond the normal and natural realm.

You must learn to always look beyond the grave, look up and lift your eyes to sky, your victory is from God Almighty, He will not fail you in Jesus name.

I pray for you today, that God will give you the Faith to walk with Him in holiness and righteousness that will enable you activate His Glory in your life, family and ministry in the name of Jesus. Every lost, stolen, burried and idle glory, i speak life into them, today, they will begin to be activated by the power of resurrection, in the mighty name of Jesus. Congratulations as you walk in your new season of glory, it shall abide and be permanent in Jesus name.

Prayer point: Father; please increase my trust and confidence in you in Jesus name.

Key Does: Confidence in man will frustrate your effort but confidence in God will guarantee peace of mind and elevation. ‎

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor
In His Presence Christ Tabernacle

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