Memorize :Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee” Psalm 73:25

Devotional Reading: Psalm 73:1-28

Our perspective of life, is a product of what is in our mind. This is still the beginning of a new year and it is the best time to adopt a new mind, you need a renewed mind to get new results.
A Scottish preacher, Andrew Bonar, wrote in his diary: “This day 20 years ago I preached for the first time as an ordained minister. It is amazing that the Lord has spared me and used me at all. I have no reason to wonder that He used others far more than He used me. Yet envy is my hurt… Lord, take away this envy from me!”

The psalmist narrated in the text how he nearly abandoned his faith in God when he considered the prosperity of the wicked. He thought that if God was angry with the wicked, why do they prosper and appear to live well? The prosperity and progress of the godless who are not suffering any visible or immediate consequences for their actions affected his determination and consecration to follow the Lord.

This continued until he went into the sanctuary and received enlightenment that the prosperity of the wicked, like a dream, vanishes, the same way their lives will suddenly end in eternal damnation. Knowing this, the psalmist renewed his consecration to follow God till the end. Focusing on the possessions of others is the quickest way to become envious and unhappy. It makes one lose perspective or vision of greater values of life which should be our priority and pursuit.

The above influences occured due to the content in the mind.

God wants you to place priority on the spiritual above the physical, and the eternal above the temporal by the renewing of your mind according to Romans12:2.

Similarly; many believers today have been distracted and derailed from following the path of holiness and righteousness, the great success of unbelievers around them have suddenly affected their perspective which eventually had a knock on effect on their faith, it stemmed from the content in the mind, If you feel, you have been affected, you must renew your mind.

The change that brings proper vision takes place in the inner life. How? Repent of all sins, ask God for pardon and cleansing in Christ’s blood, invite Jesus into your life as your personal Lord and saviour, adopt a new mind in Christ Jesus and you will be saved. Salvation is the basic spiritual experience that opens the door to all other blessings (Matthew 6:33). Without it, earthly life will be full of needless hassles while hope of a blissful afterlife will be a mirage. I need you to understand that, the ultimate goal in life is not prosperity or the absence of pain but living in His presence here on earth and having the hope of eternal life with God hereafter.

I pray for you today that you will not miss Heaven because of envy and worldly distractions in the name of Jesus.

Prayer point: O LORD, help my focus be on you and on my Heavenly reward in Jesus name.

Key Dose: Where you build your treasure; is where your heart will be

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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