Memorize: Because I delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him” Job 29:12

Devotional Reading: Job 29:12-25

On the platform stood a very small crippled body; his basket was filled with fruits and nuts to sell to passengers. The train had not yet come to a full stop when a businessman swung himself from the train and in his haste, collided with the boy on the platform.

The basket was overturned and its contents scattered. The man saw what happened, yet, walked away towards the city without a word. Just then, the train stopped and a travelling man alighted. He too, had important business in the city, but here was a boy in trouble. The travelling man comprehended the situation at a glance – the scattered fruits, the crippled boy, the distress on his face, and the tears in his eyes. The man said nothing, but set down his bag, and quietly but rapidly, assisted the boy to gather and replace the fruits and packages which could be rescued from amid hurrying feet.

The boy asked, “Are you Jesus?” “No,” said the man, “but I am one of His followers, and as I go about, I try to do the things which I think He would do if He were here.” Job, in the day of his prosperity, had opportunities to render help to various categories of people in need and he did it faithfully. He was a father to the poor and caused widow’s heart to sing for joy. What a life worthy of emulation! During His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ went about doing good, helping the helpless, healing the sick and delivering the oppressed. All true believers are therefore expected to follow His footsteps. Let others see Jesus in your deeds, attitude and character.

Are you rich towards God? You cannot claim to be truly rich if you are out of reach of God to succour and to sustain the less privileged! Always remember that the greatest help was offered freely to mankind by God through His Son – John 3:16. Have you on your part appropriated this free provision? Imagine how ridiculous it would be for the crippled boy to have rejected the kind gesture of the gentleman who offered to help him. Many people in our world have rejected the offer of help by the only messiah of the whole world. God wants you to be a blessing, don’t ignore the cry of the needy around you. So that the day you will need the help of others you will find one.

I pray for you that the almighty God will help you to be charitable; hospitable and filled with the Holy Spirit, so that your life can be a blessing to others in Jesus name..

Prayer point: My LORD and my God, make my life channel of blessings in Jesus name.

Key Dose: Wealth is not how much possession you have, but how many lives you have touched and blessed.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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