Memorize: And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise Hebrews: 11:39

Devotional Reading: Matt.1:1-17

Ruth is an example of someone who entered a new level of breakthrough because she was consistent. Her background and antecedents were nothing to write home about. She hailed from Moab – a nation of Idol worshipers. Her nation was under divine condemnation yet she was singled out to become a great grand mother of Jesus Christ. If you look at the genealogy of the Jews recorded in Mathew 1:1-17, Ruth was listed as one of the two female gentiles that made it into the list. This tells us that in God’s book of records, there is no discrimination on basis of gender or nationality. As long as you stand out wherever you are for the good of the kingdom, you are listed. Another thing is that your past cannot prevent you from being listed in Heaven’s hall of fame except you fail to deal with it.

In this genealogy were four women – Ruth and Rahab, Tamar and Bathsheba. The first two were gentiles while the last two were Israelites. Ruth was an idolater while Rahab was a notorious harlot. Tamar was a victim of incest while Bathsheba was an adulteress, yet they never allow the sins of the past to hinder their future. If your past has not been brought under the cover and fountain of blood cleansing power at Calvary, it may stop you from entering your next level breakthrough, it may also deny you of Heaven. Are you still hiding the sins of your past ungodly lifestyle? Confess them to God, ask for forgiveness and bring them under the blood of Jesus. Make restitution where necessary and thereafter ask God to use your past to facilitate the good of your future.

Although an unbeliever, Ruth’s contact with her husband as well as Naomi her mother-in-law transformed her into a woman of virtue within 10 days Ruth 3:11. It was her encounter with Jehovah God whom they served, that so impacted her that she refused to return to idolatry and her idolatrous relations. Even after returning to Israel with her mother-in-law, she kept herself pure.

Several rich young men came to her but she turned them down, until her purity and virtuous life-style became common knowledge to all Bethlehem. Ruth had a public testimony of being consistently virtuous: do you? In the lives of most Christians today, there is a gradual return to old sinful habits, especially at this end times. The ongoing pandemic and lockdown has made some believers to go cold from the things of God, it has forced some to go back to their old ways and life styles. Apostle Paul said “What shall separate us from the love God?” There should be nothing; If pays to live a consistent Christian life. Have you been making progress on a regular basis concerning your character? Is anger, lust, complaining or intolerance not returning to your life?

Can your colleague’s at work; neighbors or community attest to your exemplary Christian life? Have you influenced others for good like Naomi? Consider these things, make a choice for God and be consistent with your choice, the world is looking for errors in the lives of believers; but God can help you through consistency with Him to rise above the negative expectations of men. I pray for you today, that God will help you to be consistent with him so that you too like Ruth can have a good report before God and before man. May the Lord give you the grace to be a consistent Christian that would firmly stand for God regardless of any situation around you in Jesus name.

Prayer point: O Lord, by your mercy, let me live a consistent Christian life in Jesus name.

Key Dose: When you take a consistent stand with God, He will take a firm stand for you.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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