Memorize: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Devotional Reading: Acts 9: 17:2.

The story of Saul’s conversion on his way to Damascus is indicative of the fact that God can make all things turn around for our good. This is because after Saul was struck with blindness, it was Ananias, one of the church leaders in Damascus, who was one of Saul’s target that God sent to open his eyes. As stated in our text, when Ananias came into the house he laid his hands on Saul and the scales fell off his eyes, then Saul received his sight, arose and was baptized by the same person he intended to harm, what an awesome God we serve.

It is important to note that the scales fell off his eyes first before he received his sight, meaning that the scales had to fall off his eyes in order for Saul to receive his sight. I ask you this morning, What is it that is standing in the way of you receiving what God has in store for you? Whatever It is represent a scale, it will fall off your eyes today in Jesus name. What is standing in the way of you fulfilling your God given purpose & destiny? That scale will fall off today in Jesus name. I declare as you seek the face of God in prayers, whatever is hindering you from receiving what God has in store for you shall be removed today in Jesus Name. All things will turn around and work together for your good.

Apart from receiving his sight, the text state’s that he arose, meaning that he took action to progress, he must have experienced a bit of downturn on the account of blindness. Rejection and abandonment. Are you experiencing challenges in your life? Is your business experiencing a slow down or Is your marriage experiencing relationship turbulence on the account of an argument between you and your spouse due to differences in opinions? It will turn around for your good today in Jesus name.

As you seek the face of God today, He shall open the eyes of both of you to appreciate each other’s opinion and views to the point that your marriage shall receive strength and rise again in Jesus Name..

Be determined to make it work, don’t give up, don’t accept defeat, try harder, pray more, commit that case into the hands of God, I can see all things turning around for your good in Jesus name.

Prayer: O Lord, let all thing’s turn around for my good today in Jesus name.

Key Dose: Although life is full of challenges, But the power of God will take you through.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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