MEMORIZE: For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succor them that are tempted. Heb. 2:18

Devotional Reading: Heb. 4:1-16

In the devotional message couple of days ago, I said Grace is available for us to overcome temptation, therefore, it is in our hands to allow or resist temptation, I pray that the LORD will help you to resist temptation.
Just as we cannot stop birds from flying over our heads but we can stop them from nesting on our head, so also can we not stop evil thoughts from passing through our minds. However, we must not accept or allow them to take a stronghold on us, God has given us the power to resist temptation, you must use it. The consequences of yielding to temptation can be disastrous whereas resisting it birth victory. Like I told us couple of days ago, it is not a sin to be tempted, it is yielding to temptation that is a sin. Temptation can be overcome if you resist it. God does not allow such tempatation that you cannot overcome.1 Tim. 6:9. When such temptation is resisted Jesus is glorified, such believer grow stronger spiritually, empowered to resist other temptations in the future.

Some people have been deceived that there are some temptations they cannot overcome, they claim it is their weakness, please do not be deceived, you can overcome any form of temptation except you just don’t want to. The Devil does not control your will, what he does is suggest to your will and make you see reasons why you should accept his suggestions, it is now left for you to resist or fall for it. I’m not a perfect man, I have been tempted over time and still engage temptation daily but by the grace of God, I strive and resist them. The followings will help you overcome temptation.

By trusting God in everything according to 1 Cor. 1:9 God is ever faithful, his faithfulness is dependable, I rely soley on Him for everything. Another way is by studying and memorizing the word of God and quoting them when the need arises like Jesus did in Matt. 4. When the word of God is stored in your heart, you can use them to resist temptation. Constant prayer and carefulness is another key tool to resisting temptation. A man who knows that his weakness is sex, should not stay alone in a room with a woman or a lady. Someone who knows that he/she steals, should ensure he/she doesn’t stay around where he/she can be tempted by such.

Also by fleeing every appearances of evil. Like Joseph who ran for his life because he doesn’t want to sin against God. Don’t hang around friends who you know will take you back to your old life of sin, rather, look for friends that are mindful of the things of God.

I like you to know that the devil is a coward and not a lion, the bible says ” like a roaring lion”, if you shout at him and resist him at the place of prayer, he will flee.

I want to encourage you today, especially if you know you are still struggling with your weaknesses, that you can overcome your weaknesses. All you need to do is first identify your weaknesses, then take them to God in prayer, He will help you. Jesus is ever ready to help any sinner, if you are still struggling in sin, you can be free this hour, Jesus can save you now if you ask him, newness will begin in your life. May the Lord help you to surrender all to Jesus and start a new life in him in Jesus name.

Prayer point: Jesus, I surrender all to you, give me the power to resist and overcome temptations in Jesus name.

Key Dose: Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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