Memorize: If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. Proverbs 24:10″

Devotional Reading: 1 Samuel 30:1-20

Scriptures acknowledged that there is a day of adversity: it is a day of highest opposition from the kingdom of darkness; a day when God allows the kingdom of darkness to tempt man. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had His day of adversity, when the kingdom of darkness was allowed to crucify Him. Nonetheless, the strength of Christ grew even stronger, to overturn death by His resurrection, and totally defeat death, hell, the devil and his evil cohorts.
Job had his day of adversity; his wife even asked him to curse God and die, but Job kept his integrity towards God. Finally, Job overcame his trial and was restored twice over.

Every Christian will face their day’s of adversity and God expects His children to be strong and triumph over adversity. How can we describe the current situation in our world today? it is a day of adversity; for the first time since history began, the doors of churches are closed in many countries of the world even on Sundays. The word of God, the Holy Spirit, the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, holiness, grace, prayer, fasting, are some of the tools or weapons to overcome adversity.
The situation you are going through right now may be a test of your faith.You need to be strong and ensure God is in it with you.He promised never to leave you or forsake you – Heb 13:5. Like David, you need to encourage yourself in the Lord. 1 Sam. 30:1-31 David had the biggest attack of his life, while he was away the enemies came and invaded his land Ziklag and smote it, burned it with fire, took away everyone including the women and children. So when david and his men came to the city and saw what the enemies had done. David and his men wept bitterly to the extent they had no power to weep.

While everyone was busy weeping and thinking of stoning him, the bible says “David encouraged hiself in the Lord his God”.The most he could do was to encourage himself, strength came back and the thought of what action to take came to his mind. We were told that David recovered everything that the enemies stole. I pray that you too will recover everything the devil has stolen from you in the mighty name of Jesus.

The world is falling apart day by day and this is to tell us as believers that Jesus is coming soon. Let the word of God be your bedrock, take in plenty dose of it every day. The amount of God’s word in you, will determine how you will win the battle in the day of adversity. Some people beg for their life in battle, while the strong and courageous stand their ground, fight and win the battle.The difference is that one has enough strenght to push forward while the other have little. See to it that you read and memorize the word of God daily that is the inner vigor you need to withstand the wiles of the enemy.

May the Lord give you sufficient strenght to fight and win on your day of adversity in Jesus mighty name.

Prayer point: O MIGHTY GOD in battle, please give me strenght to overcome in time of adversity.

Key Dose: Life is a battle, only the strong, bold and courageous can win the battle of life, Be Strong for life!

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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