Memorize: Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall Proverbs 16:18

Devotional Reading: Proverbs 16:1-20

Pride is a condition of the heart. First demonstrated in Satan’s rebellion, pride embodies a defiance of God. A commitment to exalt ourselves. It is proof that we place a higher priority on our own desires than on pleasing God, or on His Word.

One of the most troubling ways pride is expressed is through our appearance. A proud look is defiant. It shows that people are thinking of themselves better than others. Pride is harmful both to the one who exhibit pride and the offended. The Bible makes clear that God hates pride. Proverbs 8:13. In fact, He promises to deal with pride in the lives and hearts of men and women, and nations.

He warned that all who are “proud and haughty” will be “brought low.” In the end, God Himself “alone shall be exalted.” Let us remember King Nebuchadnezzar. His pride became harmful to himself by incurring the wrath of God on himself. It can be easy to detect this kind of pride in others. But, in reality, each of us can be guilty of this same sin. And these proud looks can bring to the surface the real condition of our hearts.

In every situation, the Bible urges us to follow the example of Jesus, who humbled Himself. And because of this humility, God exalted him, Philippians 2:7-11.

Whatever you have today is the Grace of God, it is a privilege and not by right, therefore you must not oppress the poor or less privileged with your wealth or high position. Appreciate God for His gift in your life and value others who are not in similar better position like you are.

Anytime you see your ego about to puff up, be conscious and hold it down. Remember the story of the rich fool. This is not something we deal with once, for pride can arise, again and again. Even mature believers can find themselves focused on themselves. Drifting away from God.

1 Peter 5:5b; For God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble

In your life, ask God to help you recognise any pride in your heart and mind. Humble yourself before Him. Submit your life to Him. Worship Him. Allow God take all the glory over your successes in life, it shall continue to be well with you in Jesus name.

Prayer point: O LORD, please remove pride far from me in Jesus name.

Key Dose: It takes humility to be recognised and exalted by God.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior pastor IHPCT

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