Memorize : Therefore I say unto you, What things so-ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

Devotional Reading: Luke 16:19 – 21

Today, by the grace of God, I am concluding the Devotional message of yesterday on the topic, the power of desire. Usually in life, change in status is a product of desire especially when combined with strong faith in God.
There is power in desire, particularly when expressed according to the will of God. Desire is not a wish, wishes are passive, it is subject to certain conditions and can disappear anytime. But desire has strong elements that keeps the person hungry and remains unsatisfied until his/her desires are granted. True desire is like fire in the bones, it makes you aspire for something fresher and greater. When desire is in place, it reflects in your desperation, it will show in how you think, pray, act or talk. Hannah was a woman with true desire to get what she wanted, a child. Perhaps other years she had been going with complaints and murmuring, but this particular year she went with a desire and God met her desire. Jacob was another person with true desire in his heart. The bible told us that he wrestled with the angel and held onto the angel, he will not let him go unless his desire was met. We saw how a man with strong desire got his whole destiny changed in a night, his name was changed to Jacob. Also, Jabez and many more like that. I want you to know that you have no limit, no man is your limit, the limit on your life is as per your level of desire. I pray for you today that the almighty God will grant all your hearts desires according to his will in Jesus name.

For anyone to develop a strong desire, knowledge must be their foundation. The understanding that what you are looking for is achievable has a way of stirring up your interest and help you become resolute. You can’t be informed and be passive, the key to passiveness is lack of knowledge. Knowledge is like a coal of fire kept in someone’s bosom. The woman with the issue of blood heard that Jesus was passing by, her soul got fired up as a result of the information she received, she said “if only I can touch the helm of His garment I shall be made whole”. Because she had the knowledge of Jesus’s healing power, her desire was developed, and her weakness turned to strength, she pressed towards the crowd and instantly the fountain of blood ceased.

Knowledge is the fuel of desire, and that’s why the devil will always do everything possible to keep you away from knowledge, why? because it is a threat to him. He knows if you are able to know the secret things of God in his word, you will be free and you will be able to bring your desire into reality. The blind Bartimeous was a man who through the knowledge he gained from people, knew Jesus was passing by. He got up and cried “thou son of David have mercy upon me,” the bible says Jesus bid him to come, He asked him “what do you want me do for you?”. That was a blank cheque, wasn’t it? Do you know if he had asked for his sight, as well as riches, Jesus would have given it to him? But his desire was his sight, and he got it.

I pray for you today as you increase your knowledge in the word of God, may all your true desires come through expressly in Jesus mighty name. I pray that in the few days left this year 2021, God will grant all your heart desires for his own glory in Jesus name.

Therefore, whenever you appear before God in this December 2021, our month of glorious praise, appear with a strong desire coupled with thanksgiving, offer God a glorious praise for meeting those desires, you will suddenly discover that things will change for you gloriously, you will have a new testimony, you will begin to sing a new song in the mighty name of Jesus.

Prayer point: O LORD, please turn my desires into reality, and allow them manifest in Jesus name.

Key Does: Remember, knowledge fuels true desire, and true desire will transform your life.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor
In His Presence Christ Tabernacle

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