Memorize: Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live John 11:25

Devotional Reading: Hebrews 2: 6-18

One of the most painful things that exist upon this planet earth is death, it deprived loved ones from continuing their fellowship, it makes wife become a widow, children are cut away from their loving parents, “i remember the pain of losing my loving and praying mother”, a caring and praying spiritual father is suddenly taken away.

Just 7 days ago, I lost a good friend who has been a great blessing to many people here in the UK and in Africa. A loving & caring man with large heart for the poor, widows & people with little or no help. Many today have become increasingly fearful of death, but it is possible to receive power to overcome death.

The World Health Organization says that, in 2012, an estimated 56 million people died around the world from all causes.

Doing the maths, that means approximately 153,425 died every day, or 106 people every minute. That’s more than one person per second dying.

It has been predicted that the ongoing COVID-19 will claim over 9 million lives all over the world, it is recorded that about 20 million people have been affected with about 800,000 deaths all over the world.

We know death is a reality; we know death is on the horizon. It is an unalterable fact of our existence, but it is equally possible to live and not die. A pastor friend who contacted COVID-19 was written off by doctors, he spent 68 days in incubator & total period of 4 months in intensive care, some people have lost hope on him, his daughter had written a tribute for his burial, but the power of life & resurrection worked for him because the church & loved ones prayer for him. There is power of resurrection & life in Christ Jesus.

Usually, people are afraid of the unknown in life; knowledge is supposed to dispel fear. But when it comes to death, many people are afraid of the known.

Even though death is known, many people still fear it because they don’t know what happens “on the other side.”

Fortunately, we have the words of One who has been to death and back, One who conquered and overcame death. Jesus and all his apostles triumph over death, their words are: “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? 1 Corinthians 15:55. Death is not the end of saint’s of God, every blood washed born again believer have the hope & promise of resurrection & life both in this world and eternity.

He promised that all who believe in Him will live and fulfill their days, and those who die physically, will live eternally with him, he gives them power to live and not die. This gives me confidence that as believers, if we can be faithful, steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, we too will triumph and overcome death, our labor is not in vain. The LORD, bless & keep you, the LORD make his face to shine upon you, the LORD be gracious unto you & give you peace in Jesus name.

I pray for you today that your fear of death is replaced by faith in Christ Jesus’ and his power of life & resurrection. There is no death for the saint, he/she may sleep, but will live again and cannot die because eternity with God is the glory that awaits every saint of God, if you have not already done so, please give your life to Jesus today, be washed in his precious blood and receive power to live and not die. May the LORD grant you the grace in Jesus name.

Prayer: O Lord, please give me the grace & power to live and not die in Jesus name.

Key Dose: Death has an end, while the saints of God have no end, they will live forever in eternity with God.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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