Memorize : My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not; Proverbs 1:10

Devotional Reading: Proverbs 1:1-19

One of the biggest challenge for young people and older persons who are not fully committed to Godly principles is resisting the enticement of their friends for fear of rejection, exclusion or isolation, this can happen to anyone. Most people want to belong to a club, association or friend’s group.
But changes often take place as we interact with other people.

We can find ourselves intrigued by their lifestyles and opinions. We can start thinking like them and wanting to do what they do.
We can doubt what we have been taught.

This can happen to anyone, even long time believers who are careless in their faith.
This is why the Bible is filled with warnings to recognise the many ways we can be influenced by the wrong people.

In particular, we are told to be on guard against sinners who can “entice” us. The world is full of immorality and bad practises today. Sin and imoral acts have been trivialized.

The Hebrew word suggests being open to wrong influences. Being gullible and easily deceived, and so naïve that we can be lured into places that we should avoid.

There are many ways we can be “enticed.” Many ways we can feel the pressure to go along with the crowd. To follow popular opinions, and not be concerned about our conscience or God’s standards..

We must not automatically “consent” to these kinds of pressures. We become particularly vulnerable if we’re not sure what we believe, not firmly committed to God’s Word, and open to compromise.

Many people have ended up in wrong destinations by following wrong path due to bad enticement. I remember a school friend while I was in secondary school in Nigeria in early 1980’s, he was very decent looking at the time, well spoken & presented, he came from a good home. He left for England before me, few years latter, i came to England and saw him in South East London, he had changed badly, he spoke indecently, I later found out he was taking hard drugs, he eventually went to prison for many years for using & dealing in class A drugs, after his release from prison, he spent few years and committed another offence which took him back to prison. This is one of the negative effects of wrong enticement.

I pray for you that the Lord will deliver you from any form of wrong enticement in Jesus name.

I pray that the LORD will be glorified in your life and help you live a life of fulfilment that brings honour and glory to God in Jesus name

Prayers point : Father, deliver me from bad associations and disconnect me from their wrong enticements in Jesus name.

Key Dose: Arm yourself with the weapon in God’s word, say NO to wrong enticement.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor
In His Presence Christ Tabernacle

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