MEMORIZE: and the apostles said unto the Lord, increase our faith. Luke 17:5

Devotional Reading: Luke 17:1-5

We cannot please or receive from God, without faith. Faith is the vehicle that takes us to the throne of God. Reliance on physical objects such as ‘holy’ water, candles, oil etc. will not only hinder but also destroy your miracle. It is not the oil, not the anointing on God’s anointed that delivers the miracle. Whether oil is used or not, if you excercise strong faith in God, He will come through for you. Focus on God’s word, not the physical symbols which can be very limited.

Another closely related hindrance is desire for special attention. In 2 kings 5:11-13, Naaman expected Elisha to come out and specially attend to him. After all, he was a general in the Syrian army. There are some people who, whenever they are sick and are being attended to by the health practitioner, never believe they are well until they are given some pills to swallow, or are injected. It does not matter even whether they are given chalk to swallow or water in a syringe, they will begin to feel well, this is purely physiological. When dealing with such patients, even when the person is OK, the doctor must give them some prescription. Spiritually, those who always desire to be treated fall into that class.

Some Christians will not believe that their problems have been solved until after several days of fasting and prayer. For some, until hands are laid on them, God has not answered. That was part of Naaman’s expectations. For others, even when hands are laid on them, they do not believe anything has happened until they fall under the anointing.

Expect to see manifestation in your situation and it shall be so. Are you delaying your miracle by expecting some special treatment to precede your blessing? Hang your faith totally on God and you will receive your miracle.

May the Lord strengthen and increase your faith to the level where you will receive your miracles with ease.

Prayer point: O LORD, increase my faith.

Key Dose: The only force that the challenges of life surrenders and bow down to, is “Increased Faith” in God.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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