Memorize: who is he that saith, and cometh to pass, when the lord commandeth it not? Lamentation 3:37

Devotional Reading: Genesis 18:1-5

There are categories of breakthroughs; some are delayed ‘for good reasons’ while others are expressly granted without delay. Whatever you have been asking God for in your life, it is time for your breakthrough without delay in Jesus name. You need to look inwardly into your life and remove any hindrances or obstacles that you know could hold back your breakthrough; as soon as it is taken care of, the way will be cleared, and your breakthrough will be delivered to you. When you make your way right with God, your breakthrough can be sudden and unhindered. In Joshua 1:1-8 when a messenger suddenly became a president without prior notice, it marked a new level of breakthrough. In 1 Samuel 16:11-13. When a shepherd boy was anointed king without any prior notice, this was a sudden and new up level of breakthrough. In addition, when a slave girl in a foreign land suddenly became the queen of that powerful nation without prior expectation or human lobbying, it also marked a sudden and new level of breakthrough, Esther 2:16-18. I am believing God for you that you will go higher, your breakthrough is the next thing that will happen in Jesus name.

The Lord who gave a new up level of breakthrough to these people, will cause yours to come now in Jesus mighty name. Everything is turning round for you positively this season in Jesus name. According to Job 22:29; when others are cast down, then you will say there is a lifting up for you in the name of Jesus. This is the word of the LORD for you this time and season, it shall come to pass in Jesus name.

Ruth was from Moab a nation of terrible idol worshippers, Numbers 21:29. Moab was already condemned by God, yet out of it God pulled out a woman, favoured her and made her a great grand mother of Jesus Christ. This was a new up level of breakthrough. God is looking for someone he will lift up from the dunghill to sit among princes, are you ready?. Have people written you off? God has not. In fact, God has chosen you and your family for that special and uncommon uplift in this season, receive it in Jesus name.

As you yield to him, obey his word, serve him with all your heart and give him undiluted worship, you will find yourself on higher level. When God is selecting you for an uncommon Favor, usually your background does not matter. In fact, what qualifies you is what men expect will disqualify you. Nobody can write you off when God has not written you off. Hence, lamentation 3:37 says “who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the lord commandeth it not?”

Are you impoverished, forgotten, rejected, dejected, hopeless, and inconsequential to events around you? The Lord will have mercy upon you today and grant you an unusual favour. He will no more allow anyone to manipulate your destiny because He has chosen you and He is taking you up to a higher level that is humanly thought impossible. You are going higher to your next level in Jesus name. Believe it, and it shall be established for you in the name of Jesus.

Prayer point: Father, lift me up and let me go up higher in Jesus name

Key Dose: With man this may be impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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