Memorize : Though thy beginning was small. Yet thy later end should greatly increase. Job 8:7

Devotional Reading: Job 8:1-7;

Wow its an honour and privilege to cross over into 2022 safe and sound with Joy and gladness, to God be the glory. As we have now started the new year, it is a new beginning, it may appear small and humble for some, the later part of this year shall be great and glorious. God is the beginning and ending, the Alpha and Omega which indicate that your life this year 2022 is in his hands. Another implication of this Name “Alpha” is that being the beginning, you can have the power to start afresh. You must not allow the mistakes and errors of 2021 to repeat itself. Many fail or remain where they have always been, not because they do not know what to do, but because they lack the power to start afresh.

Some have brilliant ideas that could turn around their lives; but they cannot go beyond that point. Some are afraid to leave their comfort zone for the new place or assignment God has sent them. You need to be Introduced to ‘Alpha” the beginning. He will give you the power to start afresh. That power is stronger than fear. It is stronger than any weakness or limitation. In this new year 2022 don’t be afraid of taking a new appointment, assignment or starting a new business, pray and receive strenght to do it in Jesus name. Alpha will supply you the strength to start afresh in Jesus name.

After the death of Moses, God told Joshua, Moses assistant, that he was now to take on the mantle of leadership for millions of Israelites. Even though Moses had earlier prayed for him, he did not receive the good news with courage. How can a messenger become the father of a nation? What of the 70 elders and all other leaders under Moses? Joshua was afraid. Some promotion can cause fear, but instead of allowing fear, pray and receive courage.

In fact, some people have refused to accept certain promotions because they are afraid. Some think they cannot cope. Some think envious colleagues could jeopardise them on that seat. But all they need is “Alpha” the beginning. When you see yourself in such a situation, call on the beginning to reveal Himself to you and see you through. The time to turn down big openings from God has passed. The beginning is with you, He will help you to start afresh. Fear not to go into that marriage partnership with that brother or sister. Fear not to start that building or business project. Be sure It is the lord leading you, not your Flesh, friend or relative, my God will give you the courage and make all provisions available for you to succeed this year 2022 in the mighty name of Jesus.

I decree over everyone that the Alpha will reveal Himself as the beginning to you from today. Whatever you do this New Year, He will cause it to prosper.
I release upon you the blessings of Unlimited Favour to scale greater heights under the wings of grace in 2022. Every mountain that you couldn’t climb last year, in this new year 2022, my God will give you the commensurate strength to climb and soar higher even beyond human expectations in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer point: O LORD, the Beginning of the universe, please give me the grace to experience unusual successes and breakthroughs this year 2022 by the power of your grace in Jesus name.

Key Dose: Be an Eagle Christian so that you can soar higher in every area of your life in this year 2022..

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor
In His Presence Christ Tabernacle

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