Memorize: He brought them out, after he had shewed wonders and signs in the land of Egypt, and in the Red sea, and in the wilderness forty years. Acts 7:36

Devotional Reading: Acts 7: 28-36

The Isrealites had been in captivity for over forty years and did not see any way out of the bondage, but God eventually brought them out becuase their time for deliverance came. Have you been in a situation for long time and despite the consistent fasting and prayer, there seems to be no way out? Fret not, no matter how long it had been, I decree that your time to be delivered has come in Jesus name.

As encouraging as it may sound it is better said than done. This is because waiting on God for a long time without answer can be discouraging and frustrating but I can tell you that your waiting period is over, in this season my God is taking you out of that situation.

We are celebrating two years of writing Dose Of Heaven Devotional and my request from God is that everyone using this devotional that has one challenge or the other, this is your time for solution and breakthrough has come in Jesus name.

When God is ready, He is fully ready and I can tell you with all sense of boldness, that God is ready to change the phase of your life for the better, a new chapter is opening for you. Every door that you have knocked before and have refused to open, this day that door is opening with ease for you in Jesus name. Any one that feels deserted, God is sending help across to you this month in Jesus name.

I pray for every couple trusting God for children, in this ministry God told me that He will transform lives positively, which means you are not permitted to remain untransformed by the power of anointing and the glory of God upon this ministry, so therefore, I decree that your womb receive supernatural touch to conceive today in the name of Jesus, by this time next year you will carry your baby to the glory of God.

For anyone under the siege of sickness or diseases, this day I decree an end to them in Jesus name. Every terminal illness or disease in your body I command them to vanish like vapour in Jesus name. Anyone caught in web of debt or one form of shame or the other, from today that veil of shame is hereby terminated in Jesus Name. For you and your loved ones in the remaining days left in this years, the news of death will not breakforth in your house.

I pronounce upon you as the set man over this commission that you are blessed in the morning, noon and evening. Whatsoever, you lay your hands upon will prosper. Nothing will ever be difficult for you to achieve. God will keep His light constantly upon you so that the enemies will not overshadow you, with the power of darkness, thank you heavenly Father in Jesus name.

I want to use this medium to thank everyone who have been reading The Dose Of Heaven daily Devotional around the word in last two years, you have encouraged me to write more daily, as inspired and led by the Holy Spirit.

Please continue to pray for me as I pray for you

Prayer point : O Lord, please help me keep my eyes only on you.

Key Dose: Faith works.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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