Memorize: Then saith he to the man, stretch forth thine hand. And he stretched it forth; and it was restored whole like as the other. Matt. 12:13

Devotional Reading: Matt.12:1-13

Whatever, you have lost can be regained. Not only can God restore your health, lost years and wasted efforts, He can also restore lost activities and abilities. Some of us used to sing beautifully. Some used to pray fervently and effectively. But that had gone into the past. Today, the same people see singing or praying as an uphill task. If this describes your situation, this season, restoration of lost abilities is coming your way. The grace to operate that particular gift which was lost is being restored to you now in Jesus name.

I know some pastors whose daily cry to God was to solve some difficult cases. They had the assurance that if they shook the Heavens for an hour, miracles would happen. But today, it is a different ball game, there is no much time for prayer, lots of other activities, but less time for prayer. Every gift, ability or grace you have lost shall be restored this season in Jesus name.

In 2 Kings 6:1-7 the axe head used for cutting down trees fell into the river. The sons of the prophets needed a diver or else they would lose it. But there was no diver. It appeared a hopeless case until God intervened through His servant and a piece or iron began to float in water! What is the axe head you have used in fending for yourself and family that is now lost in the ocean of life? It shall be recovered!

That anointing to pull down evil trees and destroy satanic agents – that was lost shall return to you. You need to return to God, repent of your sins, confess what you did wrong and amend your ways. Make necessary restitutions, obey God’s commands and you shall recover all in Jesus name.

God can also restore your lost freedom. In Mark 5:1-20, the Gadarene demoniac who was under a persistent demonic siege, regained his complete freedom and became an evangelist the very day he encountered Jesus Christ. His destiny which was lost, forgotten and almost writren off was fully restored in one moment. Are you in Satan’s prison? Have you been yoked with nasty habits such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse, immorality and have not been able to come out of them in spite of sincere efforts? I bring you good news.

Today, you can be totally free. That evil habit can become a thing of the past in your life. Give your life to Jesus today. Renounce every covenant you have entered into with the forces of darkness and acknowledge Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Ask Jesus to separate you from the spirit behind attractions to that evil deed. You will regain total freedom from every satanic siege or imprisonment in the mighty name of Jesus..

I pray that God will restore fully all that you have lost in life and give you second chance in the name of Jesus.

Prayer point: O God of restoration, have mercy on me.

Key Dose: Jesus will recover and restore all you have lost without exception.

Pastor James Ademuyiwa
Senior Pastor (IHPCT)

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